Monday 20/11/17


It’s midnight in the city.

Witching hour.

Although my mind wants nothing but rest,

the ever present tears of the day,

on the cusp of overflow,

restrict me from doing so.

Today I will not reflect.

Today I will not empathize.

Today all I can do is hold my tears back so as not to drown.

I will let the hurt pour out.

I will let the anger run through my veins.

I will experience the heartbreak through and through.

For today, I will allow myself to be sad.

To ask why.

To scream at Him.

To be angry with Him.

Today I will do that

because today


I let the universe break my heart.

She stomped it to the ground,

minced it with her boots,

and tossed it in front of a train.

So forceful.

So unexpected.

So painful.

Today I was her plaything.

A rag doll she tossed across the room.

She threw me so hard,

I fractured in two.


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