She has stars in her eyes


This is an unfinished post from January 2020…

I have a theory.

A wacky, 2 a.m. can’t sleep theory.

When the universe was created all those many moons ago it was a Big Bang, right? And from the Big Bang came everything we know.

I theorize that when our universe exploded into life and all those stars and galaxies were made, little miniature explosions were also born. No, not the sun but little teeny tiny Big Bangs.

I think they’re still happening all the time.

On a hot day when you look up at the sun and you’re squinting to reduce the discomfort and you’re forced to look away and blink rapidly and in your eyes you see little spots and stars swirling around until your adjust.

On a bright winter day when the snow is fresh and new and hasn’t been touched by human feet or hands and it’s so white if you stare at it long enough it looks like it’s shimmering, like a million little diamond stars fell from the sky and landed at our feet to give us a show.

On a Friday morning at 2 a.m. as you’re attempting to force your closed eyelids to trigger your body’s sleep cycle and you notice that if you shut your eyes real tight you see little dots of white light and streaks of reds and golds dancing behind your lids.

There is beauty and tiny moments of brilliant…


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