4:42 a.m.


The wind outside my window sounds like waves crashing into rocks. Like an angry ocean the intensity ebbs and flows from a soft tap on the side of my windows to damn near shaking the apartment.

Lone cars zooming down the street remind me that nope, not on a boat. Simply in a windy corridor.

Mike said a storm was rolling through the Midwest and likely the mid Atlantic is getting it in the form of wind and some scattered showers.

One would think the soft pelting of rain drops would help keep me asleep. Alas, insomnia is a monster that can break past even the soft lullaby of rain.

I went to the doctor on Monday to get a checkup. They said I have very high blood pressure for a 25 year old. I’m going to start yoga and see if it goes away or gets better.

They asked if it’s stress and I said yes.

But aren’t we all always stressed in this thing called life?

Imagine if we all lived alone on our own personal earths. If that was the case and I had high blood pressure and was stressed all the time without seeing that there are others that have had it worse than me or have been in my exact position and were perfectly normal and surviving, boy that would be hard to deal with.

My eyes are finally drooping…


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