Gotta work for the cookie, ya feel?



It’s a two-emotionally-charged posts kind of day.

Remember, in my last entry I said my life is going so well there’s only one thing that isn’t really a thing that is bothering me?

I just wanted to also explain what that one thing is.

I was going to direct this towards men but for real, this is all genders and sexual orientations.

For the love of goodness. I won’t say please because this isn’t something to be polite about.

Life, I promise you, is about more than just sex. I’m only 25 but I promise you there is so much more on this earth worth exploring than the body of another human.

I sound high right now but seriously, have y’all actually gone outside right before the sun goes to bed and checked out nature? You can legit still do that whether you live in the woods or you live in New York City.

A couple weeks ago I saw lightening bugs for the first time and I damn near collapsed from the pure sense of giddiness I felt. Their little butts just went off and on and off and on and it was honestly magical. They are light, legit light. Just flying around.

Just stop and think about that shit.

Have you ever walked through a rose garden and realized just how many different types of roses there are? And every single one is beautiful. The colors actually range from soft white to beautifully vibrant blues and yellows and obviously reds.

Have you just stopped talking and worrying and just danced slow with a person? Nothing sensual, no grinding, none of that. Just swayed.

There is so much more than that carnal desire, I promise.

And nothing should be based on that carnal desire because guess what. You still have to go out into the world. You have to survive and life and thrive and there are going to be ups and downs to all of that.

If you can’t be with someone who you can do that with, who you can laugh with or cry with or just sit in silence with, shit is gonna be rough.

Because when you’re “in a relationship” and the sex ends, you still have to look over and talk to the person. And if you ain’t got jack shit to say, eventually even the sex will get weird.



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