I wonder…

Imagine if all of us were totally honest for one day. The purge only for our inner thoughts. I wonder if such an idea would thrill people or terrify them.

I think it would be mostly a relief for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’d also be terrified but I’d be curious to see what response the following text would invoke:

I’ve had a good day. I wish you were closer not for any funny business but just to cuddle and watch Titans. Come over and let’s gasp as boy wonder Robin says, “Fuck Batman.” Let’s sit in our food comas from a dinner of bacon wrapped steak, corn and a weirdly tasty salad. Let us be content in each other’s company, if only for a little while.

I wonder.

But I am human too. Sometimes it’s not the madness of the world that keeps us at bay. Sometimes it’s growth and understanding the world a little better. To be a lot less selfish.

Until next time.



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