My therapist is encouraging me to be as genuine as possible in everything I do. So I’m trying to do that more. Just be a little more upfront.

Y’all are probably thinking “Bitch, you’re always upfront. What are you talking about?” To which I would say, “Yes. On here.”

Trying to do that a little bit more in my personal life and it’s hard. Dudes and dudettes, it’s hard. Because one has to strike the perfect balance of revealing enough but also not giving too much of yourself to the point where you feel like you have nothing left or you reach a point when the things you’re sharing don’t feel great.

It’s hard. I think I’m still trying to navigate it all as best as a 24-year-old can.

Like I said before though, I’m going to be more intentional about other aspects of my life that I’ve neglected for years in 2019.

Wish me luck, fam.



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