The greatest part (sometimes the worst part too) about being an empath is that even when stuff is going “weirdly” not “perfect”, things are still so beautiful.

Even when my heart breaks or is a little bruised by something, I remember this: for my heart to get a scar or hurt a little means that something good that happened is no more. And while that good thing is done, it still happened. That person was still in my life or that event filled me with joy.

While I may be sad that it’s no more, isn’t that a little of what life is about? Having the punctuated periods of peace?

*shameless self promotion that was actually not even planned*

That Winnie the Pooh quote that says he’s glad to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard is perfect here (as cheesy as it is).

And it’s true. Love. Dream. Take a risk. It may not end well but the journey from start to finish is usually so amazing that it makes up for whatever the end is.



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