Love letter to men


I’m in the mood to rant and I’ve got some time before church so imma go in for a second.

Men, listen, you are not the keeper of my thoughts. You don’t know what my past is, you don’t know my life.

If you make assumptions you not only prove yourself to be an ass, you’re mentally cancelled. Goodbye.

My lifetime movie will not be G-rated sir. I wouldn’t let them let you see it anyway. Go see another movie. The fuck. I’m fine with my life and my choices.

Thank you very much.

Stop assuming you understand how a woman’s mind works. Not only is that incredibly stupid, it’s the best way for you to end up on bitch’s blocked list.

And if I say no, gosh if I even roll my eyes and grimace, walk the fuck away.

Sir, do you need directions back to that friend zone you just tried to escape out of by saying some dumb shit like I don’t know what I want and that you’re actually a good guy? Because I have those directions. I can DM then to you, I can send an owl to deliver them to your location, just let me know and I will get them to you, sir.

All of this is to say, men, be careful how you approach a bitch like me. I will be nice the first time around but don’t get it twisted. I can and will become a grade A asshole in .25 seconds flat if you try me.

To all men as they approach women, be kind. Be respectful. And if the bitch says no, that’s fine. Walk away and don’t bother her or accept she doesn’t want you romantically and be her friend.

Like what the fuck?



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