Silent Prayer


Dear God,

Give me strength to be the best version of myself. Give me courage to tackle things head on. Give me blind faith so powerful that whatever the obstacle I charge ahead without being my own worst enemy.

I ask a lot, I know. I pray for many things that I should already have, I’m well aware.

But the growing pains are making me feel like a shape shifting alien trapped inside the body of an inverted cat. It’s all scratchy fur against me and a crazy amount of feeling out of place.

My journey has been rocky as of late. I weirdly still have faith that all of this is for a reason and deep down I’m thrilled to soak up the lessons the situation has to offer.

But I implore you. Please sir.

Let my mind do what it does best. Let it focus and grunt through. Please pinch it to life, will ya?

All my love,



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