Theirs is the mightiest roar


My tribe came through today.

I had a bad day. Not a bad day where everything major went wrong but where everything small went wrong. Those are sometimes even worse. Because a lot of the time, my brain can process major things going wrong. A single catastrophic event that was totally out of my control. But the little things? Those irk me.

And I fell.

An emotional cliff has been looming for a bit now.

Things with my dream job are crumbling. My faith in my own abilities and my sense of self are shaking. I am frustrated to say the least.

I’ve been in a car racing towards that cliff for a bit. Almost fell a couple times but I swerved back and drove to safety. Just to then turn around and race towards the cliff again.

Today I fell over. I was sad and angry.

But my tribe, multiple members, caught me. They held tight as I dangled over the edge and together they dragged my ass back to safety.

Who is in your tribe? Thank them. For without them, you could be a goner, another soul lost to an ever present cliff.




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