Tonight we say goodbye

Post from March 2, 2018

I think I have a date this weekend. I actually don’t know though because this person isn’t very direct. I think they can sense that I’m like a baby animal that gets easily spooked.

I have been talking about wanting to go on dates more and navigating love but when these things come about I freak out. Go figure.

Speaking of navigating love though, I have some exciting news. The paper I am currently working for has greenlit my love column. I believe it will come out this weekend. I’ll send links.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about why I even engage (or attempt to engage) with dating and relationships. I think it’s because I see the closeness between two people and I appreciate it and I want that because I didn’t have it growing up.

I started this blog post in one mood and I am continuing in another.

Last week was the first time I really got homesick and started missing my friends and family. While I usually chat with a variety of them, last week was a particularly hard week for some and not having that outlet was difficult for me too.

I am just as insecure as I am confident — Instructions on Being, Tank and the Bangas

That’s changed slightly this week. Rebuilding some connections with others has been super helpful. I spoke to a friend I haven’t spoken to in over six months. I spoke to one of my closest friends in a manner that brought back simpler times before entering the real world.

And I found a new song of whimsy. 

It was unfinished… That is ok. 




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