Hold Up

Dear reader,

I am confused as fuck about my feelings. So the really cool thing about not being obsessed about things in your past is that you no longer spend many hours on what you did wrong. Downside, your brain is very focused on what is going on right here right now. I’m in a much better mental situation but I’m so confused about how I feel. Boys. Yes, it’s about boys. 

There is not clean bow for this entry, but that’s sort of the point. It’s ok to be confused sometimes. It makes life fun because you have mental options and you aren’t putting yourself in a box by only being attracted to a particular person. The downside to that however is that even if you are attracted to someone, they may not be attracted to you. The state I’m in right now though, that doesn’t even matter. Before I even think about pursuing something or whether I even WANT to pursue something, I get to have fun figuring out what I’m feeling and for who. 

Good things can come from being confused. I’m reveling in it. Confused? It’s ok. 




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