In this time and this place 

Forget the bullshit

Forget the insecurities

Fuck that boy

Let that wayward friend wander

Silence the internal and external  screams
They felt infinite 

While I have became small 

No longer a whole being 

No longer being weighed down by the anchors of my internalized conformity or my immediate society 

I am a grain in a field 

So microscopic and insignificant 

Rolling with fellow grains 
I don’t know what’s going through their brains

What monsters are in the closets of their minds

But right here

Right now 

We are melding together and becoming one

And none 

All at the same time 




Proper. Social. Etiquette. 
All of it slips away

In the middle of the crowd 
We disappear into the fold 
My definition of beauty becomes the fold 

Consciousness of the self becomes a foreign concept 
Then the house lights turn back on 

The masks are returned to their owners

The props and costumes are invisibly placed back into position
The crowd dissipates 
The forms return 

The grains fly apart 
That boy re-enters your thoughts 

The safety of your friend is once again paramount 

The evaluation of all things is at the front of your mind
You lazily walk back to your life 

Stopping and chatting

Trying to grasp at any excuse to stay 
To stay a grain 

To be amongst the sea of them all

But recognizing the futility of such a hope 
So you walk arm in arm with those near

Wishing to be in the arms of others 

But thankful for the arms encompassing you
Oh what a time to be alive 


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