Extended Metaphor 

If I burst you’ll know

If I shatter the pieces was fly to the corners of the earth

If my heart drops it will be on national television for all the world to see

We are animals 

With emotions 

And feelings

And urges 

And wants

And needs 

Many of us try to go through life and put that off

“Fake it till you make it”

A common phrase 

“Let it go” 

Used all the time

“Be the bigger person”


When your heart, your soul, your sense of being 

Is about to burst and shatter and fall

Who the fuck cares

These things we feel

These desires and these hurts 

Need an outlet of sorts 

They require a minimum of half of your attention

Children they are 

Small and innocent 

Some might even say “cute”

But as they grow and become 



Extensions of you

Failure to focus on them will be disastrous 

Cradle them 

Take care of them 

Nurse the bad ones back to health 

Reward yourself for the good ones

Share in the silly and fun ones 

But never attempt to completely forget about them

For just like children 

One second they’ll be good 

And the next

They’ll be running towards you with plastic pans saying they’re ready for war


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