Track 5 

Little hands and little feet

Wattle and shake and slide and fall

Cheek pinches and “Teke muso Auntie”s

She asks me how things are going

She tries to understand how my brain funtions 

I try to explain every now and then 

“My mind is like a giant bubble

With a flat screen and too much programming 

Thoughts play out and run over their alotted times

Sometimes, a commercial turns into a movie” 

She doesn’t always understand 

But I smile because she asks 

They surround me 

Virtually and physically

Cocooned in arms and shoulders 

Laughs and hugs and kisses galore 

Some days I cannot take it all 

Some days I want to burst 

But then I look and see those arms 

They are there

Pulling me back 

Boosting me up

I cannot choose to run away

I will not fly away 

Theses hands, her questions, his pitter patter feet 

These things they keep my feet from levitating 

They keep me from floating away to lands of despair and total self destruction 

When I’m on the edge and about to go bungee jumping with no rope, they form chains

They forms chains that wrap around my waist and keep my soul from going splat 

Most days I don’t know how to express to them my love


We love so hard 

We feel so hard

But all that escapes is 

“Thank you” or “I feel better now because of you” 

Or better yet



This is my thank you 

My “I appreciate you” 

My “You are a blessing from God”

My “Life would not be the same for me if you were not in it”

My “I may be gone if not for you”

I cannot say these words to them all 

So I will say it to you and to God

This is my track 5 moment 


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