How Great


So I’m sitting at the airport in California right now. My time abroad has ended and the strongest emotion I’m feeling is gratitude. I’m happy I was able to go away and continue on my journey of self discovery. I was able to remove myself enough to understand the next steps I have to take to be at the level of peace I desire. I was able to find peace and hang on to that peace. I was able to feel more confident in the choices I make regarding my relationships. Lastly, I was able to get a 84/85 on a final essay I thought for sure I was going to fail (which isn’t relevant in the grand scheme of things but it just goes to show that I haven’t lost my brain even though I got a C+ last semester and balled my eyes out). 

I’ve learned to go on the journeys that scare me. I went into this very afraid and nervous but I’ve come out happier and stronger than I’ve felt in a very long time and I could not be more grateful. 

Peace, love and courage.



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