We found love in a whole new place?


So yesterday one of my good friends here got Tinder. At ANU everyone has Tinder. Literally everyone. Back home, people had it but it was all very on the DL. I don’t know if in the time I have been here it has risen in popularity. Maybe?

Incoming granny post…I think?

Is the world evolving or devolving? Is my generation cursed or is it lucky? Relationships outside of our phones and social media, is that a thing anymore? I was having a discussion with friends last night about romantic relationships (as we often do) and it occurred to me — and to my friends — that I have a weird, almost ancient view of romantic relationships. I want to meet someone, I want to talk to them and become friends, I want the attraction to go beyond the initial physical one, I want there to be some courting in the form of a few dates and then finally I want to become exclusive. I want things to progress naturally. I think that’s why I’ve had such a hard time with relationships. Maybe my expectations are too high? Can we not just meet someone without our phones or the internet anymore?

Not being surrounded by boys I find attractive has been great but it also has given me time to think about how I think about relationships and what I expect. As a person whose soul has always been slightly too old, are my expectations antiquated and unrealistics? I want a natural and cute story of how I started dating someone. My first one was but was that an exception? Is the world destined for relationships based solely on physical attraction first (no shade on Tinder, I promise, but that’s what it is)? Should I just give in and say “What the hey, I’m 21 and living in a digital era. This is the new way. This is steadily the only way. If I don’t participate I will be alone.”?

Again, I don’t mind being alone but these are just the questions I’ve been wondering these last couple of days. I don’t know if one option is better than the other but I feel uncomfortable with the dating app option. Am I strange for this? Do I seem like a prude? Hmm. I’ll ponder more, Stranger, and let you know.




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