I’ll find myself in time 

Here and now I wait

Thinking about it


Crawling through my mind

Trying to outline it all

Attempting to retrace my steps




Can’t find it

Trying to find it

Focal point

Specific moment in time

When did the caterpillar become the butterfly?

Where do I start looking for the roots?

Gotta find it.


Gotta go find it.

Stand far away,

Arms out,

Head down.

Jimmy Neutron’s gotta think think think.

Brain blast desired.

Blink and try to find it.

Will I search forever?

Will I ever find it?

Will they ever find me?

I’m here, I’m here, I’m here.

Come find me.

Are they looking for me?

Are we near or far?

Will I find them in time?

Mind: tell me, tell me, tell me.


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