Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away


As a writer, I often read a lot. I love, love, love being inspired by other writers. Likewise, I often read my own thoughts to see how I am progressing as a person and how far I have come or if I am exhibiting signs of destructive behavior and need to reevaluate my life. I recently reread all of my blog posts and I must say, I can be a bit emotional at times. I recognize that what I am currently going through is serious (I am not good with change at all…) but I feel like I have also been focusing so much on serious matters of the heart.

I wanted to relax and do some fun stuff so I started taking pictures. I need a creative outlet while on this journey and I have found one. You see, I am an aspiring print journalist but I don’t want to limit myself. I want to grow as a journalist and that means working with pictures. None of the images below are high quality stuff but they were so much fun to take and edit. I love photography apps that allow anyone to become a photographer/editor of pictures with a few pushes of a button.

I go to Bowdoin College and I am staying on campus this summer for a job (Yup, I just gave you personal details about my life. I am as shocked as you are) so many of the shots are going to be centered around the Brunswick and Topsham area with many pictures highlighting the cool architecture of my home away from home.

Sidenote: all of the pictures on my homepage are also mine. Guess I should mention that too.

Now without further ado, M Photography:

6 July 2015 ~ College St Sunset

6 July 2015 ~ The entrance to the land of make believe

6 July 2015 ~ The Hub

6 July 2015 ~ A Shrine to Aslan 

6 July 2015 ~ Innocence Lost/Patience 

6 July 2015 ~ A brave new world 


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